hello and welcome to this somewhat "questionable" site. im tearza, also known as craig and this is my first time coding a site like this. i apologize if its a bit basic im new at coding. im a girl, i go by she/her, but any pronouns are fine, aromantic lesbian. im white and slavic, i can speak serbian and english fluently. im craig tucker, fran bow and elizabeth harmon irl. on occasions i can also be kenny mccormick, allison reynolds, violet evergarden, the angel devil and fran madarki. low kins are fine, if you claim to be me dni, fictives are loved. i think thats all you really have to know about me, also i really like futuristic mega builds and internet mysteries! THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS!!!!!(the site)
BYF i often spam my stories and dont censor anything at all, unless a mutual requests so (dm me about that). i am psychotic and suffer from an unspecified dissociative disorder which will effect the way i communicate with you, thats all really. DNI if you believe to be any of my mutuals/friends, proshipper/lolicon, basic criteria, under 14 over 18 (current mutuals are ok), anti self diagnosis thats all. just be normal
military official